Our Faith, Philosophy and Ethics department is academically rigorous, engaging and far-reaching, providing the children with a greater understanding of religious beliefs, of ethical and moral problems and of critical and philosophical thinking.

The Department aims to create an atmosphere of understanding and knowledge of people of all faiths and to appreciate the place Religion has in our 21st century society.  In short, Dragon pupils will become Religiously Literate. Spiritual and moral development and fundamental British values are embedded in the teaching. There is space in the syllabus to celebrate festivals from around the world and for individuals to express and talk about their particular faith. School Assemblies link to the subject material and are inclusive, reflective and appropriate.

The curriculum also includes elements of religious philosophy and ethics – its aim is to inspire active and independent learning amongst our pupils, as well as engender a greater interest for, and an understanding of Faith. The nature of the subject encourages flexibility, allowing world events and social issues to be included in the subject and these will be taught / discussed immediately.

Our goal for each Dragon is that they will arrive at their senior schools ready to continue their learning journey with enquiring minds, ready to debate the relevant topics of the day, be they religious, philosophical or ethical, and empowered with a skill set that will be applicable across their Humanities subjects and beyond.

FPE as a subject has much to offer Dragons on how to engage with and understand all peoples, and it will continue to do so long after their formal education has passed by.
Robert Startin, Head of FPE