The English department aims to excite and enthuse children about language and literature. Emphasis is placed on both the discussion and the formation of individual opinions in response to reading, as well as the development of creative and technical writing skills. Time is spent consolidating the basics of reading, spelling, grammar and handwriting in a well-resourced and lively environment.

We aim to instil in children a love of reading and appreciation of English literature, coupled with the ability to express themselves imaginatively, eloquently and accurately. We are fortunate to have a superb range of resources, including our well-stocked library, and children will study a wide variety of novels, poetry and plays as well as many types of non-fiction during their time at the Dragon.

In Year 4, learning is taught in form groups and is linked to topics studied in History, Geography, RS and ICT. There is also a specific focus on spelling, grammar and reading, which continues throughout Years 5 and 6. There are six teaching sets in Year 5, increasing to eight in Years 6, 7 and 8, which are based on ability.

In Year 8, two classes are prepared for Scholarship examinations to senior schools and all other classes are prepared for Common Entrance. A challenging enrichment programme is offered in the Summer Term to those who have taken Scholarship examinations.

In addition to end of year exams, pupils have comprehension and writing assessments twice a term. Years 4, 5 and 6 take a diagnostic spelling test at the beginning of the academic year to identify children in need of additional support.

Our vibrant English department are passionate about instilling a love of language and literature to Dragon pupils from an early age. Children enjoy having access to a wide-range of resources and teaching experience in a stimulating and interactive learning environment.
Will Dickson, Head of English

Extra-Curricular: English

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