The Design department is extremely well-equipped with a broad selection of tools and machinery, enabling pupils to work with a range of materials such as plastic, wood and electronics.

Lessons involve a combination of teacher-led oral discussions, practical work and written design work, whilst Projects are designed to reflect the modern Design & Technology curriculum by embracing multi-media solutions, including the use of a range of computer packages. Children embark on a range of special projects utilising their specific skills, backgrounds and experience. In this subject there is no ‘right answer.’ Instead, different solutions to the same problem are suggested, questioned and valued.

As Design and Technology is heavily reliant on decision making, it must also include the making of value judgements at many stages of the design process. These judgements will help to create an awareness of their own beliefs and can also be tested by their application to project work, thus making the pupils justify and question the values they hold. Children are taught a range of knowledge, skills and techniques to support them in their designing and making capability, with their progress being continuously evaluated. As each child reaches a different level or encounters an obstacle in their work, a new challenge is set or they are shown the most appropriate way forward, dependent on their ability, skills and understanding.

We believe strongly that all Dragon children are, by nature, designers and we encourage this creative thought in every child who enters the workshop. We are proud of the enjoyment that the children gain from their lessons at every level in the School as well as the many scholarships that the children have obtained in Design in recent years.

We believe that every child is a ‘Designer’ with huge capacity for original thought and creative ideas. This is at the heart of our Design curriculum at the Dragon school.”
Angus Nicholson, Head of Design & Technology

Extra-Curricular: Design & Technology

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