Dragon has a history of distinction in the Classics, with a large and enthusiastic department who relish their subject and whose philosophy is Knowledge, Rigour and Fun. We invite all pupils into the logical, code-breaking aspect of the languages, the vast wealth of achievements, innovations and creations of the Greeks and Romans, whilst showing them the rewards and satisfaction gained by grit and determination in, for instance, mastering vocab.

Children begin Latin in their form from Year 5, following our own Beginners’ Booklet, refined through decades of Latin teaching. Following their performance in Year 5, pupils are placed into sets from Year 6 onwards, able to continue changing sets as they move through the school; each child learns at an appropriate pace for them. Greek can be taken as a timetabled subject in Year 7 and 8. It is offered to those in the top two language sets (along with Spanish and German). For these fifty or so children, we have written our own Greek course.

From the start of Year 5, emphasis is placed on regular and essential learning of vocabulary and verb/noun patterns. Each child is taught different methods for learning words, from the favourite ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ to using derivations and making flashcards for self-testing. Children of all abilities enjoy learning an appropriate portion of the ancient languages and to tap quickly into the myths, characters and creations of these amazing civilizations.

We have an excellent scholarship and Common Entrance record in both Latin and Greek.

Extra-Curricular: Classics

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Classics has always been the beating heart of the Dragon; it’s a pleasure to see the pupils bring their curiosity, tenacity and wit to learning both Latin and Greek here.
Bruno Shovelton, Head of Department