Science at the Pre-Prep aims to stimulate and excite pupils’ curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them. Children learn about varied aspects of the world and how it works. They will develop scientific concepts and carry out investigations.

Lessons in all year groups involve much discussion in order to develop broad lines of enquiry, a bank of scientific vocabulary and initiate curiosity. Where possible, science is incorporated into Creative Curriculum themes to give it relevance in a wider context and to all aspects of life.

Investigative and exploratory work involves children in the gradual development of their ability to observe carefully, predict outcomes, plan and carry out experiments, to test fairly their predictions, and to record and interpret results. This work goes hand in hand with the acquisition and understanding of knowledge and the children, through their investigations, find out and learn for themselves. We encourage children to reflect on their answers and ways of improving an investigation.

As Scientists we aim to investigate the wonders of what is around us through hands on, wow, experiments that enable deep lines of questioning. This empowers the young learners to further their understanding in an exciting and practical way.
Philippa Mullineux