The social and emotional development of the children sits firmly alongside their academic development and a key part of this is our PSHEE curriculum. All children have a PSHEE lesson each week with the Head of Pre-Prep. The key themes covered in the lessons include activities and discussion around:


Health and Wellbeing

How the children can maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep themselves safe and mange how they change and grow as they get older.


Helping the children with strategies to make and maintain healthy relationships, how to manage their feelings and emotions, especially when they are difficult ones and how they can notice and value the differences between themselves and others

Living in the Wider World

Children are introduced to the rights and responsibilities they have as members of a community, how they can help to take care of the environment and to how the financial system in our society works and the part in this they may ultimately play.

As part of the PSHEE curriculum, there are Relationship and Sex education lessons. These are delivered throughout the school in an age appropriate way with the aim of the lessons being to support the children through their physical, emotional and moral development.

To help the children further, key themes are further explored in our assembly programme, in circle time and through the regular referencing of our core Dragon Values of Kindness, Courage and Respect. Children are encouraged to contribute positively to the communities to which they belong and to respect others who do the same.

Activities and Trips

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