A healthy attitude towards exercise is crucial for all children and the PE curriculum plays a key role in this. Activities in this programme include developing fine and gross motor skills, enjoying dance and gymnastics and developing swimming skills in the school pool.

The Games programme is based around learning the core skills of hand eye coordination, teamwork and ball skills. Children are introduced to a variety of sports as they progress through the Pre-Prep including football, rugby, hockey, netball, tennis, cricket and athletics. All children take a full part in Sports Day, which is held at the Prep and which combines skill-based team games and competitive races.

A deliberate decision is taken at this stage to involve children in only a small number of competitive matches with other schools and to focus on the development of skills and the Dragon values of Courage, Respect, and Discipline, promoting positive attitudes in the context of sport.

As part of the transition process of children from the Pre-Prep to Prep at Bardwell Road, children in Year 3 take part in tournaments with Year 4 pupils, this both familiarises them with the facilities and staff their and provides an opportunity to showcase their developing skills.