At the Dragon we focus on teaching for mastery where all children are introduced to mathematical concepts through a concrete pictorial and abstract approach. We follow the Inspire Maths textbook programme which is built on the proven approach to teaching mathematics in Singapore; recognised globally as one of the most impactful methods.

New concepts are introduced concretely with rigorous support for children to move toward abstract and procedural maths with understanding. There is a consistent use of models and images to support the development of new concepts which means a secure, long term and deep conceptual understanding of mathematics.

We promote enriched discussion and exploration with a strong emphasis on the children using mathematical language when reasoning and problem solving. This opportunity to clarify and practice using mathematical language supports children’s deep understanding familiarity and fluency within a concept and ultimately their confidence in mathematics.

Practical resources as well as supporting the children’s learning are used by all as a tool to explain and demonstrate their understanding of the maths they are doing. Misconceptions are quickly identified and teachers continually assess progress to ensure children are moving and have secure understanding. Particular attention is also paid to the development of mental skills in mathematics. At all ages our children are taught mental strategies before moving on to written algorithms as part of the initial discussion and learning. We encourage children to be curious and have fun with the subject, looking for connections to their everyday life, which in turn allows them to develop positive and robust attitudes and so develop into confident mathematicians.

Parents are encouraged to practise, develop and extend their children’s experience of number and mathematics further outside the classroom, engage in mathematical conversations and support our children in becoming confident problem solvers and capable mathematicians. We offer guidance and suggested home activities which include looking for patterns, playing games and encouraging children to engage with cooking.