Geography and History are taught as part of our topic themes across the Pre-Prep. Children learn transferable skills such as map work, how to research effectively and how to use source materials.

Geographical studies include children exploring aspects of human and physical geography that affect their surroundings locally, nationally and worldwide and make use of local resources such as the University Parks. Children are particularly passionate about exploring how we can better look after our planet respecting all creatures and habitats and using the earth’s resources sustainably.

Historical skills are explored through immersion days like experiencing the Great Fire of London or being a Tudor for a day and visits to local historical sites. Visiting speakers further bring the curriculum to life and stimulate discussion about what life would have been like in different eras and different parts of society. Artefacts bring further colour to topics and help the children to understand the concepts of chronology, continuity and change, cause and effect, and similarity and difference.