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For their first three years, boys at Dragon do half a term of Football and half a term of Hockey, before being given the choice to concentrate one of these, depending on personal preferences or the sport played at their future schools, and we field several teams at all levels in both sports over the course of the term. Boys also compete in a number of Rugby Sevens, competitions. culminating in the Rosslyn Park National Schools Sevens Tournament. 

Dragon NetballNetball is the main sport for Girls in the Easter Term. With the advantage of the new Astroturf pitches, there are more courts than ever before, giving all girls the opportunity to play and train. The girls play in year groups and every girl will play in at least one match with the As and Bs having as many as 12. The senior teams have entered the IAPS netball tournament in the last few years, with success.

Cross Country is a popular voluntary activity for boys and girls. There are a number of external competitions with other schools, as well as hotly-contested inter-form races for each year group at the end of term. We also enter the National Prep Schools Competition in Malvern, as well as the English Schools' Championship.

A number of Dragon families enjoy Skiing and while a huge number join the annual pilgrimage to Davos (through the Dragon Ski Club), there are many who organise their own winter fun.

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