The School Counsellor

“The school counsellor is on-site for at least four days each week. Boarders state that they value the services of the counsellor and have no hesitation in making appointments to see her when they need a listening ear.”
(Ofsted Inspection Report, 2011)

All children have their ups and downs and most have to cope with crises from time to time. In normal circumstances, most children cope well enough with difficulties but sometimes problems can mount up and seem too much. Counselling is another resource that can support a child going through a difficult time. This is a confidential service that aims to provide a quiet and reflective time for the child to consider what it is they most need from adults to enable their school life to continue as smoothly as possible. Common issues include family matters such as divorce or separation, death or illness of a family member, difficulties in relationships with peers, homesickness, withdrawn or challenging behaviour. Talking with an independent person can sometimes help children to use their intellectual and emotional resources and can enable them to develop some resilience to adapt to changes in their lives. Counselling takes place during the school day and sessions last for 30 minutes on a weekly basis. Referral to counselling may come from parents, house staff, academic staff or the children themselves.