Music is a key component of life for musicians and non-musicians, and is embedded in every child’s education at the Dragon. We deliver 800 individual music lessons a week on a diverse array of instruments from traditional orchestral to rock and pop, and run 60 music groups a week catering for a variety of musical tastes from classical to jazz.

We have a unique Ensembles Programme in which every child taking instrumental lessons will play in their corresponding ensemble. This is protected Music time in which children learn to listen, play as part of a team, count, sight-read as well as valuable social skills. Our Ensembles Programme defines the Dragon as a school of musical excellence, as ensemble playing is both encouraged and facilitated from an early stage. It enables us to enhance a child’s musical education like no other Prep School and underpins our departmental philosophy.

Dragon School is proud to offer a huge range of ensembles, currently over 60 in total, each run by a team of dedicated specialists. From Concert and Big Band, Choirs and Rock bands to Piano Trios and String Quartets our aim is to encourage the beginner to most advanced musician in a fun and engaging way. The ensemble programme provides a unique platform for children to learn vital communication, listening, theory and practical skills as well as developing team work.

Performance opportunities in School also include the annual Carol Service, Spring Concert and Summer Serenade as well as the annual Piano Festival.