Dragon QUEST:

A bespoke enrichment curriculum

On Saturday mornings something exciting transforms the Dragon. As we move with the modern family and shift the academic focus to weekdays only, our Saturday morning programme is evolving to become our new and bespoke enrichment curriculum.

From creative writing and yoga, to film making and animation, first aid and debating through to astronomy, orienteering and the psychology of sport, Dragon QUEST provides our children with the opportunity to discover talents, develop new skills and dare to embrace new challenges. The academic and pastoral benefits are plentiful, whilst providing flexibility and choice to meet the diverse and evolving needs of modern Dragon families.

From September 2020, Dragon QUEST will replace formal Saturday lessons for Years 4 and 5, increasing to include the whole Prep School from September 2021. All boarders in School on Saturday mornings will participate in this programme and all Prep School day children will be warmly invited to take part on a voluntary basis.

Dragon QUEST, open to both day and boarding children, develops Dragon children beyond the classroom, with an increased emphasis on the holistic development of each individual child.
Tim Knapp, Director of Dragon QUEST