Meet Annie McNeile, Head of Pre-Prep

I joined the Dragon in 2005 as Head of Year 4. In this role I was responsible for guiding our new Dragons throughout their first year at the Prep school; ensuring each child was appropriately settled and supported. Our Year 4 intake is mainly made up of young Dragons transitioning from our Pre-Prep site, however each year there will be children joining from other schools therefore, this is a vital role within the school. Many of our Dragons will begin their boarding journey during this year, so whilst it is incredibly exciting, there is a great deal of focus on academic and pastoral support. Having also supported my Husband in one of the senior boarding houses for some years, I have a very well rounded Dragon experience. I hold a deep understanding of how a child’s life at the Dragon progresses, from their starting point at the age of 4 until they leave us at 13.

I took up the Headship at the Pre-Prep in 2012 and it has been through some exciting changes during my time. I truly believe in equipping our youngest Dragons with the tools to move forward in their education. They are encouraged to be active and curious learners who are willing to have a go and risk making mistakes realising that this is a key part of making progress. Highly skilled staff are recruited and retained and a real feeling of partnership is nurtured throughout the Pre-Prep community. Children feel safe and listened to and enjoy both the academic and social aspects of school life.