Pastoral Care at Dragon Pre-Prep

At Dragon Pre-Prep we strive to make every child feel happy, secure, valued and confident. Children are encouraged to think for themselves and develop self-control, independence and a sense of achievement through their learning. The relationships which children establish with adults and other children are central to their learning and happiness. Children are taught to act in an increasingly thoughtful and empathic way. These qualities are encouraged through the Nurturing Programme and by following the Dragon Values of Kindness, Courage and Respect. We are committed to helping children to learn these important interpersonal skills alongside their academic skills and place great emphasis on their personal and social development.

Pastoral Co-ordination

The Class Teacher is responsible for the pastoral care and well-being of a child in their class. They keep their Head of Year informed of any important information regarding a child and when appropriate a child may be brought to the attention of the Pre-Prep Head who acts as Pastoral Co-ordinator. The Pastoral Co-ordinator meets with the Deputy Head, Social and Emotional Learning, regularly and attends fortnightly Pastoral meetings at the Prep.

Family Links

The Family Links Nurturing Programme followed by the Dragon is designed to encourage the children and teachers to use a common language to express feelings and emotions. Topics are revisited each term tackling issues such as Choices and Consequences, Personal Power, Praise and Criticism. These sessions are covered in regular Circle Time sessions. Teachers receive regular training and parents are invited to join one of the termly courses for parents at any stage of their Dragon career.

Rewards and Sanctions are based around the core Dragon Values and the expectation that all behaviour should be kind and respectful. Assemblies and PSHEE lessons reinforce these expectations. Classes have a collaborative reward system in place to encourage the children to work well as a group. Children work towards a common goal which encourages them to work as a team and shows the value of acting positively. When the goal is achieved, there will be a whole class reward, often chosen by the children.

Each week there is a Special Achievers Assembly when 1-2 children are chosen from their class for excellent or improved work or behaviour. They receive a golden sticker and certificate to take home.

Communication with Parents

At the beginning of each academic year parents are invited to an information evening for their child's year group. This outlines all the plans and procedures for the year and familiarises parents with key methods of teaching. There are Parents Evenings in the Christmas and Easter Terms and reports are written at the end of the Christmas and Summer Terms. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the Class Teacher through the Home/School diary or by email and Class Teachers are always available to meet parents on a more formal basis. Parents and Carers are always welcome to visit the classroom and view work.