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Good Luck John and Wendy. Thank you for Kindness.

From the Headmaster

I will write more fully after the end of term but, in case I don’t get to say this in person, thank you for all the support you have given to Wendy and me over the last fifteen years. It has been a great privilege to have been Headmaster of the Dragon – a privilege only afforded to me through the Governing Body and your choice of the school for your children. We are also very grateful for all the kind messages of goodwill that have arrived over the last few days – we do apologise if we don’t manage to thank you all personally.

On a more mundane level, please do read carefully the notice on the web site regarding Saturday Sports Day for the Prep School. This will help avoid any misunderstanding and disappointment over parking and access to the school.

I hope to catch-up with many of you in the days to come. 


Sports Day

The Sports Day Programme, and a variety of other recent notices, are listed in the News & Notices section of the parents' area of the School Website.

Please also note – the Library phone will be disconnected. In case of any emergencies, please call the School Office on 01865 315400.


E Block Welcome Drinks

Saturday ,16 September, 2017, from 12.30pm, Dining Room

We invite all parents of children joining E Block in the Christmas Term, to welcome drinks in the Dining Room. This is a relaxed and informal occasion, and an opportunity to welcome new parents to the School. Invitations will follow over the summer, but if you would like to book your place early, please click here.

Fathers’ Breakfast

Saturday, 23 September, 2017, from 8.15am

All fathers (Prep and Pre-Prep) are invited to Breakfast by the River  from 8.15am. This is an informal occasion, and an opportunity for fathers to meet each other, as well as welcome new fathers to the school. Invitations will follow over the summer, but if you would like to book your place early, please click here.


Spies in our Midst

Year 2 children have amazed their teachers by rising to the challenge of solving one of GCHQ’s code-breaker problems, set for Radio 4 listeners. They were required to take the numbers 1 to 9 (in order) and place plus or minus operations between the digits to create a sum that totalled 100. The children demonstrated great determination as well as impressing their teachers by applying their problem-solving skills. It was lovely to see the children so engaged and several children were successful in finding ways to solve it. Are they future spies or could we have some undercover agents posing as children in the Pre-Prep…?

 20170629 Year 3 Play

Year Three: The Keymaster

Where to go when the bar for Year 3 productions is already set so high? Nudge it even higher. “The Keymaster" was a thoroughly impressive production that took us on a whistle-stop tour of history, from 1066 to 1941 – and on into an imagined future. The whole year group's acting and singing immersed us in the storyline from the start, with eye-witness stories from each era bringing history to life.

The production's energetic pace then came to a dramatic halt with an apocalyptic view of life in 2067. Thankfully, our minds were set at rest when Year 3 convinced us that they could change that future for the better – and the energetic pace resumed.

A huge number of songs had been memorised and performed with gusto. The children rose to the occasion and seemed to relish their individual moments in the spotlight. The quality of the singing and music made this a fitting moment for the whole of Year 3 to say a big thank you and goodbye to Ma Hancock, whose energy and enthusiasm have inspired so many Dragons over the years. A splendid finale.

Year 2 Concert

Year 2 children treated us to a wonderful concert last Monday. The children played confident solos, and it was lovely hear them play together in smaller groups and then all together at the end.

Broughton Castle

As part of their 'Long Long Ago' topic, Year 1 had a wonderful trip to Broughton Castle near Banbury.  They had a fascinating tour around the castle led by Lady Saye and Sele, who lived at the castle for 46 years.  She is the grandmother of three ODs who also attended the Pre-Prep (Guy, Ivo and Ned).  As a special treat, the children all had the chance to try on some real pieces of armour, all of which they discovered were surprisingly heavy!  After exploring the beautiful garden and having a picnic lunch, everyone sat on the front lawn to create a pencil drawing of the castle.


20170623 Madagascar 


C Block have finally recovered from their production of Madagascar. Nearly 50 members of C Block took to the stage in a rip-roaring musical adventure. Thankfully, it had cooled down a bit when we finally got to the performance and they blew the audience away with their talent, energy and enthusiasm.

Athletics Nationals

Wow Wow Wow! Never say never but this year’s outstanding display may never be bettered! A record 27 Dragon athletes competed in 31 events on Tuesday at the Alexander Stadium.  It was an excellent day. 10 medals were achieved and 5 ‘near misses’……simply outstanding.

The full event report with pictures is available here.  The Dragons acquitted themselves impeccably, were supportive of each other and were fantastic to be around. A huge ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ to them all from their coaches.

U13B rounders sm

Mums vs Daughters

On Saturday, 1 July, 25 Dragon mums took on the top Rounders players in the school for the much-anticipated annual Mothers vs. Daughters Rounders matches. The U13A team took no prisoners and were merciless in their defeat of their mums, winning 25½-8½.

Two teams were created from the U13B squad and both were up against some very sporty mums (and “stand-in” mums). Despite attempts to distract them whilst batting, the girls’ skill and determination saw them through two close victories (14-11 and 21-17½). Very well played everyone, and thank you to the mums for your efforts and good humour!

 20170620 A Block Challenge

A Block Charity Quiz

On Saturday, 24 June, A Block hosted a hugely successful inaugural A Block Charity Quiz for parents. The event involved all 132 A Block pupils, who volunteered for numerous roles to prepare, lead and entertain on the evening. A huge thank you to all of A Block pupils for approaching this event with such enthusiasm and energy, and to the parents and staff for your kind donations. Over the £2,000 was raised for Medical Detection Dogs.

Thinking About Compassion

Our D Block children spent some time thinking about compassion and what this means to them in the context of their own experiences, through researching historical figures, and by thinking about current affairs. Children astounded us not only with their depth of understanding of this complex idea but with their creativity, producing their own films, creating 3D models, penning poems, making PowerPoint presentations, drawing pictures and even writing their own songs. The project culminated in children thinking about others and promising an act of compassion, which they hung on the Compassion Tree.

HMS Dragon sm 

HMS Dragon

On Tuesday, six teachers from the Dragon were privileged to be invited to spend the day aboard HMS Dragon in Portsmouth, as part of the ship’s ‘Affiliations Day’. After a warm welcome from Lieutenant Wilson, we were shown round this amazing £1.3 billion Type 45 Destroyer, seeing everything from the Bridge and Flight Deck, to the Operations Room and Control Centre deep in the bowels of the vessel. It was fascinating to learn that the 8,000 ton ship can move at more than 40 miles an hour, is equipped with Radar that is able to track an object the size of a tennis ball travelling through the air at 3 times the speed of sound, and that the main Naval Gun is capable of shooting a shell to hit targets 12 miles away!


IMG 7881 2

Strawberry Kindness

Recently, Bowden’s House went strawberry and raspberry picking at Rectory farm. The boys absolutely loved this activity and they worked cohesively as a team to pick a total of 9kg of berries. These have since been turned into jam, or given to all those wonderful staff members that have looked after us all year so brilliantly. The boys certainly consumed their fair share of strawberries at the time too! The picking was followed by some free time on the bouncy castles before returning to School. The next morning the boys enjoyed homemade smoothies for breakfast, a well earnt and good dose of healthy vitamins to keep us all going at this stage of the term.

Balloon Release

The A Block boarders gathered on the banks of the Cherwell for the annual Balloon Breakfast. This is a time when the three senior houses come together to celebrate the end of C.E. and the start of the next chapter for the boys and girls. School House, Cherwell and Gunga enjoyed breakfast by the Memorial Cross and then all the children released their (biodegradable) balloons with their worries, hopes and aspirations attached.

Wilson’s Celebrate

The Wilson boys had a fantastic last weekend together before the D Blockers move on.  Mr Wilson donned his apron for a delicious house BBQ on Saturday, which was followed by numerous games of ‘round the table’ and the infamous water-game. On Sunday morning after the Leavers’ Service, we then set off to Gulliver’s Land where the boys enjoyed a picnic, and numerous rides.  Back to house for more table tennis before the boys flopped into bed tired but happy.

School House Master Chef Winners enjoy fine dining at the White Hart at Wytham!

Raphe, Thyme and Marc, the winning team from the School House 2017 Master Chef finals, enjoyed their prize on the final Wednesday of term.  The Judge, parent and Old Dragon ‘Baz’ Butcher, kindly donated the generous prize of lunch for four at the White Hart at Wytham. The boys enjoyed foie gras followed by glazed half chicken and stuffed crab, rounded off by outstanding brownies and ice-cream. The B block boys are already planning their competition entries for next year!


A BLOCK LEAVERS' CAMPAIGN - Transforming the Lives of Children

Every year we raise funds for the Transformational Bursary Campaign from parents of A Block Leavers.

Last year, we raised over £200,000. Donations ranged from parents choosing to leave their deposits to those setting up regular standing orders or donating large transformational gifts.

With support from our parents, we have been able to accept 5 more bursary pupils this academic year. Data Protection Law only allows us to contact parents directly with further details of this campaign if they give us express consent. If you wished to give to the Campaign but did not give consent, you can find the Dragon donation form here.

Read uplifting quotes from former bursary pupils in the A Block Leavers' Campaign Leaflet.

If you would like a copy sent in the post, without any pressure or expectation, contact Jane Pendry, Head of Development at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 01865 315 415.

The Campaign is aimed at parents of A Block leavers, but Jane would be delighted to hear from any parent who wished to support the Campaign.

Diary Reminders

For all sports fixtures and the full calendar of events, please see the main School Calendar.

Friday, 7 July, 2017

11:00am: Sports Day Athletics Finals (Day 2) - parents are very welcome to attend

2:30pm: Year 3 Final Assembly

3:30pm: Term Ends

6:30pm: Boarders' House Supper & 'Sing Song'

Saturday, 8 July, 2017

9:30am: Sports Day (Athletics Finals)

10:00am: Second Hand Uniform Shop open (until 11:00am)

Term ends (after Sports Day) 


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