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From the Headmaster

Half-term is upon us already and I hope all the children manage to use the time to recharge their batteries. If you are lucky enough to be going to Davos with the School, I have no doubt that the ski trip will be as wonderful as ever and I hope all goes smoothly.

Well done to those Middle School children who performed in the Variety Show last Friday. It was, once again, a great example of your individual and collective talents - and your courage.

We return to a relatively short second half of term and I advise all parents to keep reading DragonNews carefully and to keep an eye on the calendar.

Have a great half-term.


Sainsbury’s – Active Kids Vouchers

Kate Bailey, mother of a C Block child, manages a charity for Woodstock under Fives Pre-School (age 2-4) and helps raise funds towards buying sports equipment. The school has limited funds and is in need of more sports equipment, particularly for children with SEN. If you have any spare Sainsbury’s – Active Kids Vouchers, then please donate by leaving them in the collection box in the Lodge. Thank you.  


Old Dragon Event Reminder

2002-2012 OD Leavers - Friday, 24 March, 2017.

If you are a parent of an OD leaver who left between 2002 and 2012, please let them know about our upcoming Reunion held next term at the School. Do encourage your Old Dragons to look out for their invitation, which will be sent shortly, and rally up old friends to come along and join us. Booking is already available online – please click here to book your places early.

Junior Old Dragon Day 

2013-2016 OD Leavers, parents welcome - Saturday, 25 March, 2017.

If you are a parent of an Old Dragon who left between 2013 and 2016, you and your OD child or children are invited to join us for our next JOD Day in March. It is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends and former staff, and share stories over a buffet lunch and drinks. Invitations will be sent over the next week or so, but if you would like to book places early you can by clicking here.


An Awesome Reception in Oxford

As part of their Awesome Oxford topic, Reception spent the day in town at two exciting and contrasting venues involving Cheshire Cats, Narnia and Lullabies amongst other things. At the Story Museum, the children were treated to an interactive bedtime story on a bed big enough for the whole group to sit on (or jump up and down on as many decided to do) before heading off to explore the world of nursery rhymes and lullabies. They chose a costume from an array of dressing-up rails and accessorized with wigs, tails and hats, and explored storybook worlds such as Narnia and Alice's Wonderland before lunch. Then they headed off to Christ Church Cathedral, where they found green men and Cheshire cats amongst the gargoyles. They saw the garden where Alice Liddell played and the doorway into Charles Dodgson's (aka Lewis Carroll) house where he created her Adventures in Wonderland. In the Cathedral, the sun shone so brightly that the children were able to study the beautiful stained-glass windows depicting the thrilling life of St Frideswide, who founded the Cathedral; they were awed by the clarity and drama. It was a long busy day for a five year old but it was awesome.

 09.02.2017 An Awesome Reception in Oxford Museum

Promoting Peace and Justice

This week, the 'Social Changemaker Reps' at the Pre-Prep met for the first time ever. They discussed Global Goal number 16: Peace and Justice. After an assembly from Ma Malcolm and Ma M-J last week, using the book We Are All Born Free published by Amnesty International, the children used some of the beautifully illustrated pages to help inspire them to create super heroes to promote the goal at school. Each page in the picture book explains one of the articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In mixed-year group pairs, the children carefully considered how to create their hero to represent an 'article'. Posters will be on display around the School - see if you can spot one.  This excellent book is accessible to children with a little support and we recommend that you give it a look.

 09.02.2017 Peace and Justice

Trip to Didcot

Last week, Year 3 visited Didcot Sewage Treatment Works. They donned specialised Personal Protection Equipment (hard hats, gloves and hi-visibility jackets) to inspect just where and what happens to our used water from baths, toilets and sinks. The most surprising element of the trip was the fact that the site didn’t smell and that the transformation from sewage to clean water was a fairly natural process, very similar to the water cycle they have been learning about in class. The children experimented with flushable materials and learnt amazing facts... Did you know that under your feet is a network of water pipes that could be wrapped around the world three times? They explored the history and why sewers were invented and just how many are needed to keep up with our growing population. The children modelled the Dragon Value of Respect throughout and all the adults were amazed at the children’s quality questioning.

 09.02.2017 Didcot trip

Year 2 Homework Project

This term, Year 2 have been researching an adventurer or explorer of their choice as part of a 4-week homework project. The Mas have been treated to some fascinating presentations about people as varied as Amelia Earhart, Edmund Hillary, Bear Grylls and Christopher Columbus, to name a few. We have loved the variety of presentation styles; posters, models, PowerPoint presentations and project books. It has been a fantastic opportunity for the children to engage with their topic, undertake independent research and to enjoy sharing their learning experience with their teacher. 


Author Event for D and E Blocks

On Monday, children in D and E Blocks had the opportunity to meet author and illustrator Tom McLaughlin. Originally a political cartoonist, Tom has been a children’s author for several years and has written and illustrated many books, including The Diabolical Mr Tiddles, The Story Machine and The Accidental Prime Minister, which won the Oxfordshire Book Award last year. We enjoyed his talk and were grateful for his drawing tips – especially about the importance of eyebrows! Lorcan in D Block and Oscar in E Block had the honour of being (accidentally) appointed the new Prime Minister, after coming up with the best ideas for new laws. Watch out Theresa May, these two have big plans for running the country…

09.02.2017 Author Event

Staff Quiz Night

On Tuesday night, the Staff gathered for a Quiz and Curry evening in the Common Room at the Prep School. Mr Pickup and Mr Graham where the quizmasters and probed the assembled company’s grasp of Sport, Geography, One Hit Wonders, Science and Nature, Emoji films titles, History, TV catchphrases, Maths and General Knowledge. Huge congratulations to “The Real Stars of Country File” - Mr and Mrs Leslie, Mr James and Mr Clissold-Jones who lifted the trophy and will spend the rest of the year as Common Room Quiz champions 2017.

09.02.2017 Staff Quiz Night

A Block’s Chinese New Year Mural 

A group of children from A Block were involved in painting a dragon in celebration of Chinese New Year during their art lesson. 

09.02.2017 A Block CNY painting 

IAPS Judo 

On Saturday, 28 January, Annie, Alice, Nicole and Anisya  travelled to High Wycombe Judo Centre to participate in the IAPS Annual Judo Competition. The youngest competitor, Anisya, fought earlier on in the day in a very large category for her age group. With great determination and skill, Anisya earned a Bronze medal. Afterwards, the three A Block girls competed against some very tough opponents, but this did not hold them back. The girls made a tremendous effort, and left the competition with three silver medals. A very well done to Annie, Nicole, Alice and Anisya for their efforts and achievements. 

 09.02.2017 IAPS Judo 2

Hope for the Homeless

Dragons from the Middle School activity group, Good Creators, have recently been learning about homelessness. The local issue of the homeless escaping the cold by squatting in a vacant building in Cowley was used a springboard for discussion. The children wanted to do something to give hope so they created posters with positive messages, games and jokes on them to give to the homeless people affected. These tokens of support were hand-delivered by a teacher, but only after one child’s poster (“I believe in you”) was used to build trust and gain access. The children’s gesture had a notably positive impact.

09.02.2017 Hope for Homeless

Knitting and Crochet Club

Bill, Lara, Milu, Mariam, and Dana, have all been making great progress in Knitting and Crochet Club (Fridays after school). Ma Baugh has been sharing her crochet expertise, and Ma Young has been teaching new knitters. Everyone had lots of fun, and the group has been practising their patience and perseverance (it may take a long time to knit something to wear, but it’s really worth it at the end). We currently have some hats and hairbands on the go (which we look forward to wearing in a few weeks), as well as some sample squares where the children are practising a variety of stitches. If you have any yarn, knitting needles, or crochet hooks at home that you might like to donate, please let Ma Young or Ma Baugh know. Many thanks in advance. 

 09.02.2017 Knitting and Crochet


Wilson’s International Extravaganza

The Wilson boys experienced a whistle-stop tour around the globe last week. They started off by listening to each other talking about their native countries looking at books and postcards and discussing the typical sorts of foods that they eat. They were then invited to taste a variety of these different foods including Chinese dumplings, French saucisson and cheese, German frankfurters, Swiss Chocolate and Australian lamingtons. 

 09.02.2017 Wilsons Extravaganza


Occupational Hazards – OD Play

Stephen Brown’s new play, based on Rory Stewart’s (OD 1986) critically acclaimed memoir Occupational Hazards, tells an extraordinary story about the moral conflicts, the dangers and the comic absurdities inherent in any foreign occupation. Produced by Simon Godwin, it is on at the Hampstead Theatre in April.

 09.02.2017 OD Playwright

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Friday, 10 February, 2017

11:00am C Block Classical Plays
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Sunday, 12 February, 2017

 Dragon School Ski Trip departs for Davos,
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