Dealing with Abuse

Talking about child abuse

Recent media coverage about child abuse allegations has prompted discussions and questions. Most children have been sensitive and concerned about the terrible damage that is done when a child is abused and which lasts in to their adult lives. Occasionally, children have not responded in a manner we would wish for and we feel that this is through a lack of reflection and understanding. It would be very helpful if your child is talking about this subject at home that you can listen and support their understanding of it. The Pastoral Office is happy to offer guidance if you feel it would be useful.

We are also aware that for many adults who have suffered abuse when young, or have experienced it through family or friends, it brings back extremely distressing and traumatic experiences and difficult emotions. This can impact on the family so below are some helplines that support survivors of sexual abuse:

Specifically for men:

Useful Links from the NSPCC

Useful links from the NSPCC

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