Music TimetablesMusic Timetables

Instrumental music lessons are rotated so that children do not miss the same lesson each week. Children who learn more than one instrument have one of their sets of lessons outside of academic time, in a fixed slot. Lesson times are noted in the children’s Practice Books and timetables are posted in the Music School, Form Rooms and Boarding Houses. Tutors and Form Takers have direct access to this information electronically and can always be consulted if there is any doubt about the timing of a lesson. There are also pages in Term Books for the children to note down their lesson times each week.

It is not generally recommended that individual music lessons be suspended during a child’s final year at the Dragon, even with the added pressure of Common Entrance and Scholarship exams. The playing of a musical instrument can afford an invaluable opportunity for relaxation away from academic worries, and teachers are happy to suggest a lighter programme of practice between lessons. If there are worries about a child’s programme, then consultation should take place well in advance between parents, Tutor and instrumental teacher. If a decision is made that lessons should stop, half a term’s written notice must be given to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., William Morris.