Music CurriculumMusic Curriculum

The aim of Music teaching at the Dragon is to offer each child a wide practical experience of music, including performing, composition, theory and listening. The approach is a holistic one in which skills learnt in one area can be transferred to other aspects of music-making, ensuring relevance and continuity in each child’s development. Many children have specialist individual tuition; either instrumental, vocal or theoretical, so the range of experience and ability within each class can be very wide and often unrelated to academic ability in other subjects. Those taking an extra language will do either Greek, Spanish or German during class music lessons.

Children are taught in Mixed Ability Groups for music lessons and the syllabus has been drawn up so that the teaching of music has a clear sense of continuity from Year 4 through to Year 8. The recommendations published in ‘Music in the National CurriculumKey Stages 1 – 3, provide the basis for this syllabus and the schemes of work are designed to be explored with the following seven musical elements in mind: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure.

Outside the classroom there are many opportunities for practical music making which include the Upper and Middle School Choirs and the Upper and Middle School Ensembles programme which includes specialist training for wind, strings, guitar, percussion and pianists. The ensembles provide a platform for children to learn vital communication, listening, theory and practical skills which are unique to performing in an ensemble. These attributes enable them to perform in termly concerts for all our musicians. These concerts are entirely inclusive and no pre-select musicians perform. Rehearsals are organised as part of the school's Activities programme and participation is fully recognised in the Dragon Award Scheme.

There are also opportunities to perform as soloists in the regular Informal Concerts, as well as Assemblies and Sunday Services. Children are prepared for a variety of different exam boards which include ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall, London College of Music and Rockschool.

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