Dr Crispin Hyde-Dunn has been Headmaster of Dragon School since 2017.

His previous experience includes being Head at Abingdon Prep and Deputy Head Academic at King’s College School in Cambridge. Since joining the Dragon, he has set his sights on improving the value-added element, combining the pursuit of all-round academic excellence with further expansive learning opportunities.

Dr Hyde-Dunn is a thoughtful and considered Head, championing a vibrant, happy and aspirational school environment. He has been teaching for 20 years and brings with him a deep portfolio of experiences, having taught in a variety of settings and roles.

Listen to Dr Hyde-Dunn give his view on an array of topics, including; what it means to be ‘genuinely co-ed’, virtual teaching through lockdown and beyond, flexible boarding options to support modern families, his vision for Dragon QUEST  and how the School got its name. Plus, find out how supporting Newcastle United can help manage disappointment and “anticipate deferred success” …