Monday, 18th May, 2020

Click here to watch: Prep School assembly – Perspective

Dr Hyde-Dunn takes the final virtual assembly of this term from the top floor of the Library. This week we consider perspective and empathy, we think about the point of view of others and the importance of understanding why theirs may be different to our own. Dr Hyde-Dunn shares a story his father once told him, and a poem by John Godfrey Saxe entitled ‘Blind Men and the Elephant’.


Monday, 11th May, 2020

Click here to watch: Prep School assembly – Back to the Future

The theme of today’s assembly is time, and in particular, using it wisely. This week, we reflect on the time we have, and how precious it is. Dr Hyde-Dunn poses the question, ‘If not now, when?’, and shares John Betjeman’s poem ‘Dawn’, written whilst at the Dragon, aged 13.


Monday, 4th May, 2020

Click here to watch: Prep School assembly – How are you?

Have you ever had a ‘gut’ feeling? Or ‘felt it in your bones’? This week, Dr Hyde-Dunn looks back into the history of feelings, and we consider the importance of really listening to the responses we receive when we ask the question, ‘How are you?’.


Monday, 27th April, 2020

Click here to watch: Prep School assembly – Nature

We begin our second week of term with our Monday morning assembly, as we consider some of the lessons we can learn from nature, if we stop and take time to do so.


Thursday, 23rd April, 2020

Click here to watch: Whole School assembly – Welcome to the Summer Term

A welcome to our virtual Summer Term and an introduction to our Virtual Holistic Curriculum. We consider how challenging circumstances, with the right attitude, can lead to all sorts of innovations and inventions.


Thursday, 19th March, 2020

Click here to read: Whole School assembly – Growth mindset

Dragons are known for their sense of adventure, their willingness to take on new challenges, and their appetite for learning. This assembly is not only our last of the Easter Term, but it might be a while before we are all gathered here in Lynam Hall again.

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