Geography Activities and Trips at the DragonExtra Curricular Activities and Trips

Geography is not just taught in the classroom and fieldwork enquiries are an integral part of the children's learning. Each year group will be involved in fieldwork of some sort, whether this be off site or using the excellent grounds at the Dragon.

Year 4 spend a day in the village of Ivinghoe as well as visiting the Oxford Botanical Gardens when studying tropical rainforests. They also enjoy a visit from the Rainforest Roadshow and a talk from Jake Bacchus (OD) on his Antarctic experience.

Year 5 conduct temperature surveys around school and also enjoy a visit from the Wild Waste Show during their study of Recycling, Re-using and Reducing the use of resources.

Year 6 often have lectures from people working in less developed countries for companies such as Oxfam. They also complete a microclimate experiment in the grounds.

In Year 7 we travel a little further afield and the whole year group undertake a project on rivers at a Field Study Centre in either Amersham or Juniper Hall. These provide a vital opportunity for children to learn first-hand about the world around them and put into practice the skills learned in the classroom.