Communication and Literacy

Foundation Stage - Communication, Language and Literacy

Literacy in the Early Years is approached through practical, inspiring activities and children are encouraged to talk and communicate their ideas. By the time they enter Reception many children can recognise some letters and words from the books they have shared at home. In Reception we will continue to develop the child's reading skills through phonics teaching and the enjoyment of a variety of stories and rhymes. Each child will come home with individual reading books to enjoy at home and also a box of words to help develop blending and sight recognition of words. In addition, all children in Reception will choose a book for themselves from the school library. These are intended to be read with the child, to support reading further.

Children are taught to write using a cursive script and with a real emphasis on a correct tripod pencil grip and accurate pencil grip.

Positive communications and relations with those around them are crucial skills for the children to develop at all stages of their time at the Dragon. These are modelled by staff who always look to praise positive behaviour rather than criticise that which is less appropriate. Using the ‘Family Links’ programme, children are taught how to use their ‘personal power’ to control their surroundings and interact with empathy with their peers. Weekly circle times give the children the vocabulary to express their feelings and concerns and to realise that others may have views which differ from their own. Choices and consequences are used to teach children that they can control their own behaviour and adapt it to that which is expected and to help parents to keep this message and language consistent at home, the school runs Family Links courses for parents. Massage in Schools sessions help to teach children about appropriate touch and how they are in control of their own bodies.