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Built on Benefaction

Our A Block Leavers’ Campaign asks you

to remember the generosity of past parents

and former Dragons.

The Dragon School was founded in 1877

with £2,000 raised from parents.

Since then, boarding houses, the swimming

pool, the dining room and many other

facilities have been funded or part-

funded by donations. From the beginning,

benefaction has been part of the culture of

the School; and every Dragon has benefited

from the generosity of parents, OldDragons

and former staff.

We know there are many demands on

your funds and there are many worthy

causes; you may have many financial

commitments. We would be grateful if you

would, however, consider supporting the

next generation of Dragon bursary pupils

and help us maintain the character of our

school in your giving plans.

“I would definitely recommend applying

for a bursary to attend the Dragon. My

experiences at the Dragon will never be

forgotten. The School has provided me with

the best possible starting block as a child;

an equal environment where I had the same

opportunities as everyone else. I am currently

taking a gap year, and I am looking forward

to going to university next year to study

automotive engineering. I hope to pursue a

career in motorsport, especially Formula 1.”

Khalil Abouzeid (OD 2011),

former bursary pupil

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