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Launched at the lunch for leaving parents on

5th May 2017, during the 140th anniversary

of the School, theA Block Leavers’ Campaign

aims to raise £500,000 for bursaries in John

Baugh’s final year - enabling the Dragon to

fund five children all the way through the


Donations are ring-fenced. 100% of your

gift goes towards transforming the life of

a child and no funds raised are spent on

administration. Not many charities can say

the same.

Regular giving through standing orders

or direct debits helps to secure the

transformational bursary scheme for the

future, and we welcome small, regular

donations too.

- 4 -

ATarget of £500,000

“It is not often that an organisation has the

ability to change a person’s life irrevocably;

however, in our son’s case, the Dragon has.

Without the bursary and the assistance of

the Dragon, our son would have been on a

very different life path, which would have

resulted in gang culture integration and

very tough life choices. He now has the

opportunity and psychological tools to deal

with situations and problems in a logical,

thought-out manner and we believe he has

the ability to reach levels of greatness.”

Parents of bursary pupil (OD 2015)


• The value of a full bursary for a pupil for five years is £108,000

• To fund one day child through the School next year will cost an estimated £19,800

• To fund a boarding pupil for one year is approximately £29,000

However, do bear in mind we usually ask bursary parents to make a contribution of 5% or

more if they have the means.