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Many causes demand your compassion,

your attention and your donations. When

you give, you want to make a difference: to

change a life, or improve the world in some


We believe our safe, secure and happy

environment helps our bursary pupils

flourish and grow; we also believe our

highly motivated bursary pupils enjoy

and embrace all the opportunities offered

to them and add to the rich diversity and

unique character of the School.

So why the Dragon?

Your donation will support a child who

has been selected in the same way your

children were, on the merits of their

personality, energy and passions. The only

thing that prevents them from enjoying

an independent education is financial


Maintaining the Magic

bursary pupils enrich the Dragon

- 3 -

“We have put four children through the

Dragon, all different in ability and character.

They all thrived and came out with a great

sense of ‘I can’. Yes, it is lovely to be able

to give another child all that the Dragon has

to offer but equally, bursary places at the

Dragon help to create a school within which

my children were able to meet a mix of people

and feel this tremendous sense of being able

to do anything and create anything. To help

another child to achieve that sense of ‘I can’

is a luxury that we appreciate as a family.”

Jane and Henry Tufnell, parents of

Henry (OD 2005), Eleanor (OD 2007),

Carlie (OD 2012) and Albi (OD 2015)