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Part of the continued magic of the Dragon is to be extraordinary in an ordinary way.

One hundred and forty years ago, Skipper Lynam (1887 to 1921), the Dragon’s legendary

second Headmaster, believed children “of professional men of moderate means” should

benefit from the Dragon’s radical and progressive education.

My own parents were of “moderate means”. Without others’ sacrifice and generosity, I

would not have had the excellent education I received, nor had the privilege of helping

to shape children’s lives as Headmaster of the Dragon. As I prepare to move on from

the Dragon in 2017, I will look back on our Bursary Programme as one of the most

worthwhile initiatives I have been involved with.

Building on that vision, the Dragon’s transformational bursary programme was launched

in 2002. To date, 60 children have received bursarial support; 38 have been educated all

the way through the School.

Almost all bursary pupils who have left the Dragon have moved on to leading

independent schools with a full bursary. Seven pupils have been awarded a scholarship

or an award. Our first bursary pupils are now moving on to university, with two

Oxbridge undergraduates among them.

Help us inspire a new generation of Dragon bursary pupils to fulfil their potential and

help the Dragon retain its unique, unstuffy and inspirational culture by including the

bursary programme in your giving plans.

John Baugh


The A Block Leavers’ Campaign

Transforming the lives of children

- 2 -

“Bursary pupils help to maintain the diverse

character of the Dragon. Their enthusiasm,

strong motivation and many gifts have a

significant difference on the whole school


Mary Taylor, Deputy Head,

Social & Emotional Learning