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“The Dragon is a school which is about all of

life – not class, not money, not pure academia,

just wide, wide education. Any child would

fit in to Dragon life - the A Block Bursary

campaign allows that ‘any child’ to be found

and given a chance to bring their own talents

to grow the Dragon Life pot for the benefit of


Simon and Lucinda Miesegaes, parents of

Claira (OD 2009) and Jamie (OD 2015)

“The bursary campaign is such a fantastic

opportunity for childrenwhowould otherwise

not be able to access such a unique school.

To make the most of such an opportunity the

child needs to really want one of the places;

not the parent, but the child.”

Past parent of bursary pupil (OD 2015)

“Ultimately, by donating towards a bursary,

you are investing in the life of a child. And

what better cause is there than that?”

Will Baker, bursary pupil (OD 2011)