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“The benefits a Dragon education has on a

child are manifold and exceptional. I gained

self-confidence, borne out of the ability to

communicate with other pupils and staff on

my own in an entirely new setting. From

this, I also grew more independent, a skill

that has been invaluable since. The triumph

of the Dragon approach is its treatment

of each pupil as a distinct individual with

unique skills, abilities and aspirations. The

all-encompassing Dragon education yields

success both in and out of the classroom. I

also gained a fantastic set of friends, some of

whom I am still in touch with today, and a

wonderful array of memories.”

Seamus Lavan (OD 2009), former bursary pupil

now studying at Oxford University

“To have been given the bursary actually

makes you quite special, therefore you need

to take every opportunity and enjoy every

minute. It is not just about intelligence, it’s

more to do with being prepared to have a go

at everything and give 100%. For me it was

the best experience in the world. I would love

to go back to Oxford and study Classics. I

would also like to give something back to the

Dragon in years to come.”

Dragon bursary pupil (OD 2015)