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How Can you Help?

One of the distinctive features of the Dragon has been the range of backgrounds

and abilities of our children. Like all independent schools, we cannot avoid external

financial pressures – most due to statutory changes. The consequent rise in fees is in

danger of narrowing the range of our pupils’ backgrounds; a fact that threatens to

alter the character of the School.

To help us transform the life of a child and maintain the rich diversity of the School,

please support the Dragon Bursaries Programme.

Jane Pendry

Head of Development

The Development Office

Dragon School

Bardwell Road

Oxford OX2 6SS


Telephone: +44 (0)1865 315415



Dragon School, Oxford

Bursary pupils help to maintain the diverse character of the Dragon.

Their enthusiasm, strong motivation and many gifts have a significant

and very positive influence on the whole school community.

Mary Taylor, Deputy Head Social & Emotional Learning