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The Dragon is a school about all of life – not class, not money, not pure

academia, just wide education. Any child would fit in to Dragon life and

the Dragon Bursaries Programme allows that “any child” to be found

and given a chance to let their talents grow the ‘Dragon Life’ pot for the

benefit of all.

Simon and Lucida Miesegaes - Dragon parents and bursary supporters

Giving to the Bursary Campaign

You can support the Dragon Bursary Programme with one off gifts, regular

giving or pledges to be fulfilled at an agreed future date. Regular monthly

donations are welcome. Gift Aid maximises the value of gifts to the Dragon;

higher rate tax payers can also claim additional tax relief via their tax return.

Examples of how Gift Aid benefits the donor and the School are shown below:

The Dragon School Trust is also delighted to accept gifts of shares

or property.