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Dragon Bursaries Explained

Who can benefit from bursary support?

Families of children joining in Year 4 who need help with all or most of the costs of fees.

How much help is given?

Up to 100% of the cost of boarding or day fees can be awarded. Usually between 80% and

95% of the fees are awarded. Generally, we ask for a 5% contribution from bursary parents.

How are children selected?

After financial circumstances are considered, children are assessed in the same way as any

prospective pupil.

What happens after the Dragon?

The School works closely with senior schools so that, wherever possible, bursary recipients

can continue to receive needs-based financial help.

Funding Bursaries


here are currently 22 bursary pupils at the School spread across the year groups.

The Dragon aims to support 25 pupils in any one year. We need to raise

approximately £450,000 each year to make this a reality. This is only possible with

the generous support of parents and Old Dragons.

In 2017/18 the amount needed to fund a 100% bursary for one child for five years

will be approximately £108,000 (day) or £155,800 (boarding).

Ultimately, by donating towards a bursary, you are investing in the life of

a child. And what better cause is there than that?

Will Baker (OD 2011), Former Dragon Bursary Pupil