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Sporting Dragons
Sporting Life
Last autumn, Dragon Director of Sport Timothy Knapp took the opportunity to
look back on a year of Dragon sport and the principles that underpin the school’s
energetic programme of sport and games.
The Dragon year ends with three days
of sport culminating in Sports Day itself; a
perfect way to end the Summer Term and
an opportunity for the A Block to compete
against and then embrace with each other one
last time. In 2012, spectators and pupils alike
sheltered beneath picnic awnings, searching
out whatever cover from the torrential rain
they could find as the school year splashed to
a premature end. Twelve months on, however,
the umbrellas became parasols and all three
days of Athletics were played out under
glorious sunshine, providing a wonderful
platform to demonstrate all that is good about
sport at the Dragon.
every child at the school was
involved in some way over the three days,
with most doing multiple events.
the ‘Fastest Eight’ was as always
a highlight of the final day, but there were
impressive performances in many disciplines,
with a number of long-standing school
records coming under threat.
the fun was there for all to see,
epitomised by the Dragon’s unique obstacle
course – where else could you see a water
jump, sack race and inflatable slides within a
hundred yards of each other?
the support and
encouragement for each other, particularly –
but certainly not always – for one’s own form,
is commendable and often humbling.
All of these things make such occasions
truly great, but they are also the foundations
that help to produce successful sportsmen and
women. In December 2012, two ODs swelled
the ranks of Oxford University’s winning
varsity rugby side, and 2013’s corresponding
cricket fixture also featured two old boys.
Alex Hearne (2007) and Freddie Fox (2005),
team-mates in the First XI in 2005, found
themselves on opposing sides at Lord’s, with
Freddie’s dark blues coming out on top.
Had you asked the two boys whether they
could picture themselves at the Home of
Cricket just eight years later playing in one
of the world’s most historic sporting fixtures,
they would most probably have thought
you were mad – highlighting not only the
unpredictability of sport but also the sound
footing that sport at the Dragon provides.
Success isn’t only evident at the elite end
of sport. The number of teams available
at the Dragon and the commitment and
enthusiasm of the staff means that there are
truly opportunities for all.
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