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Is boarding
how you thought
it would be?
Before I was really
worried because I sometimes
spent hours on homework
and knew boarders only had
limited time for prep. However I
learnt how to manage time and
work faster while maintaining a
standard. And House life is what
boarders will tell you – friendly
and relaxed.
I had the general idea
when I started, but so many
things were new, exciting and fun.
Even as I get higher up, new and
fantastic things flood in.
If you mean having a
sleepover every night and making
great friends – then yes!
No, it’s better! When I
wake up every morning I’m really
excited for the day ahead.
It’s like a lot of little
surprises keep popping up. I now
couldn’t imagine being a day child.
My brothers gave me a
good idea about it – it sounded
like fun!
I have been able to
catch up and finish work. I can
also ‘leave’ school and relax with
my friends. I respect my time with
family more at home.
I enjoy school and
especially sport much more.
And when I go home it’s much
more special and I don’t waste
time, I fill up every minute of it!
I think it has made my
family closer, because spending
time with them is a lot more special.
It hasn’t made much
difference, but when I go home it’s
more special than it used to be.
When you go home it is
much better because you’ve
been away. At school I feel like
I have many more friends than
I did before.
Do you think you
started at the
right age?
I thought Year 6 was
good as you can deal with
homesickness but if you do miss
home there are lots of people to
help you. You make lots of friends
because you keep your day ones
and make new ones.
I started at the right age
– eight. The first two years get
you ready for the rest and your
future school.
I have kept the friends
I made in my first year through the
whole school. You go through the
ups and downs together.
Boarding Dragons
Yes – when you
are 11 or 12 you want some
moments alone and some
with your friends. Boarding is
the perfect thing for that.
Yes because it
gets you used to not being
with your family all the time
and you can feel more
It’s better to start as early
as you can. If you start in Year
4 you know all the routines
very quickly – but actually this
year the new Year 6s fitted in
very quickly, too.
What advice
would you give
day to boarders?
Keep in contact with
everybody who’s close to you.
Staying busy is helpful if you
are homesick because your
mind is occupied, but don’t tire
yourself out.
You’ll have a lot of
time to yourself and will get very
strong friendships. Don’t be
scared about regulations, your
mates and staff will help you
along the way.
All the fun starts after
school! Also have pictures and
posters and know that there will
be 24/7 care, support and help.
If you are nervous or
scared, don’t be! Your friends will
all be there to help you.
Best tip – learn how to put
your duvet cover on!
You’ll know lots of
people in the Boarding House
already so it will be easy to
If you see your parents
too much it can make you more
homesick. Just get on with it
and you’ll enjoy it more!
Oliver de Bono (Year 8),
Magnus Andrews,
Sebastian Croft, Louisa
Hoy and Fleur de Bono
(Year 7), and Gigi Whipp
and Charlie Rosen
(Year 6) give the day to
boarders point of view.
It’s a bit like having two
homes. In House I Iike sleeping
in dorms - and a Houseparent
is like your mum and a Matron
a big sister. I love the activities
in the evening and you’re
never bored.
What difference has
it made to school
and home life?
In some ways it’s easier
because all your things are at
school. At home it’s fun because
you value the time you have and
if you want you can go home
pretty much every weekend.
It hasn’t made a big
difference because I can contact
my parents regularly and keep in
touch with my friends.
Illustrations: Dragon Junior Boarding Houses
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