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Dragons News
Ivinghoe Investigations
Year 4 geographers invaded the Buckinghamshire village of
Ivinghoe in October to put their investigative and observational
skills to the test. As well as conducting various environmental and
historical surveys, they learned about the evolution of the village from
a Saxon settlement to a thriving Victorian centre. Today’s Ivinghoe
also provided a lot of material for the children’s traffic survey which
they conducted with such enthusiasm that some results had to be
recalibrated. An excellent and informative outing which supplied a
great deal of data and, somehow, a large amount of conkers.
Philomusica Friends
Dragons joined forces with children
from six local primary schools and the
Blackbird Academy for a day of wind
and brass music-making in February.
Working with musicians from Oxford
Philomusica and teachers from the
Dragon, children from Years 4, 5
and 6 joined in a day of watching,
learning and performing. This was the
second event of this joint initiative –
the first was a very successful strings
day last year - which brings young
musicians together and offers a rare
opportunity to develop musicianship
and ensemble playing skills under the
guidance of professionals.
For some of the children it was their
first chance to play an instrument;
joining a special recorder workshop
they learned a huge amount in a short
time and were able to join the final
performance of the day. The Dragon
looks forward to further workshops in
this rewarding partnership.
Carrot Harvest
Over the in-school weekend of the first half of
term, the boys of Nicholson’s Junior Boarding
House harvested the carrots they had grown
from seed. Having keenly tended their vegetable
patch in the back garden, they were pleased to
pull up some fine specimens. They were less
delighted by the discovery of damage to the
pumpkin crop, but quickly used the opportunity
to work out creative ways to distract the
offending snails and slugs.
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