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At the end of term, Year 3 pupils took part in their annual Swimming Festival in the pool
at the main school. Watching parents were impressed as their children swam widths
and lengths in teams and against each other. Everyone agreed that all the girls and boys
swam well and the improvement in some since the beginning of term was astonishing.
In February, Reception children were
delighted to meet the Animal Man who
brought some intriguing creatures to visit
them. After meeting Millie (the millipede),
Mungo (a meerkat) and a host of others,
the children knew a great deal more about
exoskeletons, nocturnal creatures and the
difference between types of snakes.
A fun-packed science week in October
focussed on teeth. Since it is well known
that elephants never forget anything,
particularly things such as cleaning their
teeth, Year 3 set about making some
toothpaste especially for them. Using
household chemicals which combined to
produce a satisfactory fizz, they took the
opportunity to learn about oral hygiene and
how to work safely in laboratory conditions.
Little Dragons
with Lynams
Pupils from the top of the school have
been visiting the Pre-prep to work
with some of the youngest children at
the Dragon. A member of the Year 8
‘Lynams Liaison’ group recently joined
a Year 1 library lesson to try her hand
at reading out loud. Judging by the rapt
attention in the room it was clear that
her narration of the story had the young
readers gripped.
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