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Little Dragons
Inspiring Pupils and Teachers:
Lynams’ Creative Curriculum
Since September, children from Reception to Year 2 at the Dragon
Pre-prep, Lynams, have been following a new approach to learning.
The Creative Curriculum’s range of teaching and learning strategies
is proving inspirational for pupils and teachers.
The Creative Curriculum aims to make
education motivational and successful for all
involved. Each half of term has an overarching
creative theme which enables the children to
make connections across different curriculum
areas and become fully engrossed in a topic.
This more project-based approach promotes
independent learning and the skills which
children will need throughout their school
careers and beyond.
At its heart, the Creative Curriculum
is skills-based and knowledge supported –
crucially it includes not only what to learn but
also how to learn. Planning such a curriculum
begins with an understanding of the key skills
to be developed; lesson content is selected to
support these skills. The teaching staff report
that they are enjoying creating completely
new learning experiences and are embracing
opportunities to use the school creatively and
incorporate amenities and facilities in and
around Oxford.
Each theme begins with a ‘wow’ starter.
These have included Year 1 classrooms
being visited by a stranded extra-terrestrial
to launch ‘The Alien has Landed’; the
conversion of the gym into an airport
(complete with booking desk, flight
attendants and a visiting private pilot) to
launch ‘Passport Around the World’; and a
visit from an American Indian to launch the
history topic ‘Tipis and Totem Poles’. Each
theme also ends with a big finish: Reception
children recently enjoyed a pyjama party to
round off their theme of ‘Light and Dark’.
The Easter Term will see the whole
Pre-prep coming together for a ‘Take One
Picture’ topic. The children’s work across the
curriculum will be based on Titian’s painting
Bacchus and Ariadne. Learning events will
culminate in the transformation of the
Forum at Bardwell Road into an art gallery
for a black tie ‘Private View’ of artwork from
every Lynams child.
In a short time the results are extremely
positive. The staff report that the new
Curriculum is providing a richer and more
memorable learning experience for all the
children; the sign of a good education.
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