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From the Headmaster
Reflections on
When did you last stop and allow yourself to
enter a period of calm “here and now”? As I
write at the turn of the year, I have resolved to
find some of this time and learn how to use it
properly. When a Year 4 child said that the best
thing that had happened last term was her yoga
session – “I had time to think and get some
peace” – it reminded me that we must also
recognise that children need these moments.
Children’s lives – along with our own - are
becoming increasingly frenetic. Not helped
by – perhaps indeed caused by – multi-media
messages and the incessant static of video
games, mobile technology and the internet.
In the coming months at the Dragon,
we will be considering how we can bring
some time and space back into children’s
lives by creating further opportunities for
reflection and thought. Whether this is
through formal timetabling of activities such
as Yoga, meditation and contemplation,
or expanding the less formal Clubs and
Activities programme, or by offering quieter
backwaters at school where children can
remove themselves from the noisy and busy
playground games – we have yet to decide;
probably a combination of all three.
However, there is little doubt that there is a
strong correlation between a child’s capacity
to think, learn and acquire knowledge and that
child’s capacity to concentrate and be in the
present. It is my hope that future Old Dragons
will be able to say that their ability to cope with
(and probably 22
) century life, to make
calm and balanced decisions and to relax,
focus and concentrate, was acquired at the
Dragon. It may be more important for a child’s
present and future fulfilment than we are
prepared to recognise.
An Energetic
Spell of Sport
After a summer of unprecedented sporting success that captivated
and inspired the British nation, there was a definite feel-good factor
echoing around school upon the children’s return in September.
Whether it was simply Olympic memorabilia or children imitating the
‘Mobot’, the summer’s events had certainly left their mark and had
touched many Dragons.
And slightly out of
– 20 young Dragons of
various ages were included in the
Oxfordshire Winter Training Squads.
– Inspired by the recent
successes of Andy Murray and Laura
Robson, a Dragon won the Girls
U12 Singles at the Hunstanton Lawn
Tennis Tournament. Another Dragon,
playing in an age group almost ten
years her senior, gained 1st place
at the LRTA (Ladies Real Tennis
Association) U21 Girls handicap
tournament at Radley.
The Christmas Term saw the usually
busy fixture lists in both rugby and
hockey, with excellent end-of-season
– Several representatives
featured in the Oxfordshire
development squads and special
mention must go to the 1
XV Captain,
Jasper Green, and U12s player Reuben
Rosso, who went on to represent their
respective age groups for the South East
Prep School Barbarians. A total of 334
out of 385 (87%) boys throughout the
school featured in a school rugby match
this season.
78% of all 106 matches
played were either won or drawn.
After a very successful pre-season tour
to Holland, the 1
and 2
XI hockey
teams led the way, playing with great
flair and success throughout the season
in a highly competitive circuit and both
going undefeated.
The Dragon is extremely pleased
with these great results, affirming
a programme of sport designed to
encourage every child to participate
and do his or her best whatever their
level of ability or sport. The Dragon’s
Sports Department always strives to be
inclusive and works hard to ensure that
as many pupils as possible are included
in matches.
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