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What are your initial impressions?
After two terms at Lynams, my overriding
impression is that the spirit of the Dragon’s
well-known Head, ‘Skipper’ Lynam, and his
progressive approach to education is alive
and well. Children at Lynams are eager
and enthusiastic learners, always keen to
ask questions. The staff are constructive,
creative and interested in the individuality
of each child, and the range of activities
on offer means that there is something to
inspire everyone.
The new Head of the Dragon
Pre-Prep, Lynams, Annie
McNeile, started her teaching
career at Bilton Grange School
in Warwickshire before joining
the Dragon as Head of Year 4 in
2005. Annie and her husband
Hugo also enjoyed a four year
spell as Houseparents in one of
the Dragon’s senior Boarding
Houses. After two terms, Annie
spoke to
Dragons Today
about her
enthusiasm for the Pre-Prep and
her ideas for the future.
Annie McNeile
Children at Lynams
are eager and
enthusiastic learners,
always keen to ask
What appeals about Headship?
I was excited by the prospect of a new
challenge and I didn’t want to leave the
Dragon, a school I love working at. I was
enthused by the opportunity to return
to the age group which I really enjoyed
teaching when I started my career.
How has your previous experience
As Head of Year 4, I developed strong
links with Lynams and had taught here one
afternoon a week for a number of years.
I witnessed first-hand how well Lynams
prepares children for the transition to
Bardwell Road and how the move is
made as smooth and seamless as
possible. Any change can bring about
some degree of trepidation and I can
confidently reassure children and parents
and explain how things work.
What makes Lynams special?
Lynams is an integral part of the Dragon
School and the staff work incredibly
hard to make learning fun and the
environment welcoming with their
ingenuity, care and energy. A variety
of activities include themed days,
plays and concerts, all of which take
inventiveness and dedication - evidently
this environment also inspires children
to be lively, relaxed and full of creative
What are your ideas for the future?
We have many exciting plans including
a creative curriculum for Years 1 and 2.
This will keep the rigour of the current
curriculum but deliver it through themes,
topics and more practical activities
and investigations. The cross-curricular
approach that will enable children
to make links between the various
subjects, along with the frequent buzz of
WOW weeks, really excites me.
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