Busy Dragons
D R A G O N S T O D A Y . W I N T E R 2 0 1 2 / 1 3
Stormy Big
Twenty Dragons flew to New York on
an exchange trip during the October
half-term break – and into both a
whirlwind of pre-election excitement
and Hurricane Sandy. As the weather
closed in, many schools, parks and
attractions shut down. The Dragon
party however were well looked after
by their hosts and made the most of
their visit to Manhattan. The American
exchange pupils will visit Oxford
later in 2013, when the Dragons
hope to show them around in less
tempestuous conditions.
Abundant Awards
The Dragon was once again delighted with the number and range of awards and
scholarships achieved by Year 8 leavers. In the summer of 2012, 44 scholarships and
awards were offered by leading senior schools. These included: 19 Academic awards,
9 Music awards, 4 All-rounder awards, 7 Sport awards, 4 Art and 1 Drama award.
Musical Connections
In the run-up to Christmas, Dragon
musicians reached out beyond
their practice rooms to play with
children and adults in Oxford and
London. In October over a hundred
children from six local schools joined
the Dragon for Primary Chamber
Music Day, organised by the Oxford
Chamber Music Foundation. After
practice sessions in instrumental
workshops, the day culminated in a
memorable concert.
In early December the Dragon
choir sang to a packed audience at the
hugely popular ‘Spirit of Christmas’
concert at Christ Church Cathedral
in Oxford. Dragon Director of Music,
A Common
The fourth annual Dragon-led
Eco Conference for children took
place in October. ‘Eco-warriors’
from seven primary schools joined
Dragons in active seminars and
workshops, ranging from scientific
investigation to recycled art. A
particularly popular session saw
children learn how to design
and build a low power electric
car which they later tested in the
school grounds. Experimenting
with renewable energy, singing
eco-themed songs and discussing
the diversity of species rounded
off a purposeful day of discovery
and debate.
Peter Allwood, commented: “It was
a real honour to sing in such a lovely
building which the children filled with
cheerful Christmas singing.” Finally, just
before Christmas arrived, the choir went
to London to perform at the Nordoff
Robbins Carol Service in St Luke’s,
Chelsea. They were thrilled to share
the stage with Dame Eileen Atkins,
Romola Garai, Bill Nighy, Elizabeth
McGovern, Laura Wright and Emeli
Sandé. The forty-four Chamber Choir
singers performed two carols and both
the congregation and the organisers
remarked on the beauty of their singing.
The service was recorded by Classic FM
and broadcast on Christmas Day.
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