Lessons with
Year 1 started the autumn
considering their local area as part
of their Geography curriculum.
Practical study of their journeys
to and from school furthered
understanding of place, distance
and location. To demonstrate the
importance of addresses in locating
where we live, each child wrote
a letter to their home and posted
it in nearby Summertown. They
were excited to come in to school
and report the safe arrival of their
envelopes shortly afterwards.
First Steps on Stage
The Nativity concert marked the end of a busy term for Reception.
In a few short weeks the children had familiarised themselves with
new friends, teachers, classrooms and outdoor surroundings. By
December they were ready to take part in the familiar story and read-
ily took on their roles as wise men, sheep and angels. Speaking with
confidence and acting their parts with enthusiasm on stage, they
impressed the audience of parents and teachers with how much they
had all achieved in their very first term at school.
the Past
Year 2 visited the Pitt Rivers
Museum in Oxford in January to
complement their history curriculum
theme on Native North Americans.
Allowed to handle a range of objects,
the children explored the culture
and traditions of the Haida
people. They also enjoyed the
opportunity to sketch the
unusual artefacts and
make interesting
drawings to
take back to
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Little Dragons
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