Little Dragons
D R A G O N S T O D A Y . W I N T E R 2 0 1 2 / 1 3
Now We Are Seven:
Why Year 3 is a significant stage in education
and an attractive entry point to the Dragon.
Although most children join the Dragon
in Reception, for some entry to the Pre-
Prep at the age of seven in Year 3 can be
ideal. The year before transition to prep
school is an opportunity to acclimatise to
‘Dragon Life’ in a smaller world; it is also
a key stage of learning that is carefully
Joiners are well assimilated at Year 3:
classes are reconfigured and one is added
so new starters will not be the only ‘new’
children. Year 3 are ready to encounter a
range of fresh learning experiences; the
Dragon curriculum at this stage focuses
on building literacy and numeracy skills
to pave the way for independent learning.
Lessons are designed to inspire the
children to be inquisitive, to ask questions
and to reflect upon their own progress.
Lynams’ Headmistress, Annie McNeile,
was previously Head of Year 4 of the Dragon
at Bardwell Road. With this valuable insight,
she works with prep and pre-prep staff to
ensure that the syllabus of Year 4 at the
Dragon builds on learning in Year 3. Lynams’
teachers, aware of the children’s needs as
individual learners, target different abilities
across a range of subjects to prepare children
to become confident members of Year 4.
Visits during the year familiarise Year 3
children with the main school. Years 3 and
4 do sport together, swimming lessons take
place in the Dragon’s pool, and plays are
performed in the prep’s Lynam Hall. Children
meet the Headmaster, John Baugh, who holds
a weekly assembly at the Pre-Prep. When
the time comes to move to Bardwell Road,
children are not only ready but excited to go.
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