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Enterprising Dragons
Good Coffee
Café Dragón is a pupil-led
enterprise which supports the
education of coffee-growers’
children – and an initiative that
has greatly improved the coffee
served at school.
Last summer, Dragon pupils hosted an
innovative social impact conference for school
pupils and heard about Heathfield School’s
coffee project. Inspired to create a social
enterprise based on coffee, the Dragons Den
activity group have now created a brand, made
sales and returned a profit to help children in
the Caribbean.
Arabica beans for the coffee are sourced
from a co-operative in the Dominican
Republic and imported for roasting by an
artisan supplier in Exmoor. The coffee is
packaged in bags designed by pupils which
feature a special Café Dragón logo and the
story of the coffee. The public launch at the
Dragon’s Christmas Sale saw 420 bags sold
and a profit realised of over £940. In addition
to paying a fair price for the beans, money
raised is supporting the school attended by the
coffee farmers’ children.
The coffee is now used at all school
meetings and Open Days, and the pupils plan
to create a mobile coffee cart for events. In
anticipation of this, the coffee was sold – and
enthusiastically bought by parents – at Sports
Day at the end of the Summer Term.
The Dragon’s social impact projects
empower children to realise that they can
tackle what may seem insurmountable
problems through their own efforts. They can
also spread the word to other young people; in
May five members
of the group went
to Wellington
College to present
the project to Year
11 and 12 pupils.
As well as raising
awareness of issues
surrounding coffee
production, it is
hoped the Dragons
are inspiring
entrepreneurs at
other schools to
spread the social
impact of good
coffee. “Coffee that
revives while saving
lives” as it says on
the packet, indeed.
Sporting Summer
The Dragon’s sports teams have enjoyed a successful season with
many school records broken and new ones achieved. Seven Sports
Scholarships have been awarded to Dragons by their future schools;
many swum, sailed and sculled for the Dragon - and everyone
enjoyed a much drier (on the whole) summer than last year.
Outstanding swimming in
the IAPS Finals saw the Dragon squad
win two Gold, two Silver and a Bronze
medal from the Championships. More
success followed when the U11 Boys and
Girls Medley Relay teams swam in the
ESSA National Finals, an event open to all
primary schools in the country. Both teams
won Bronze medals and another shield
was collected for the school.
Sports Day:
The term ended in glorious
sunshine with Sports Day. Dragons and
their families were out in force as final
heats were strongly contested, picnics
were enjoyed and – for those who were
leaving – very fond farewells were said.
Olympic Visitor:
High jumper Brendan
Reilly gave an entertaining and insightful
talk about his Olympic journey to Barcelona
and Sydney. He also led a session with
the Athletics club and encouraged them to
reach for similar heights.
At the Radley Prep Schools Tennis
Tournament, Dragon teams qualified for
the cup competition in the face of some
strong competition. The Seniors were
drawn in the semi-final against local rivals
Summer Fields, losing only after some very
close matches. The Juniors faced a stern
test against a very good Beacon IV, but
unfortunately lost the match despite some
excellent tennis.
28 Dragons raced through the
rain at the Blenheim Palace Regatta, all but
five made finals and eighteen won medals
in eight events. At school, the Dragon
Regatta on the River Cherwell saw entries
from all Years and much enthusiastic
support from parents.
Four intrepid Dragons sailed in
the IAPS National Prep Schools Regatta
in Weymouth, Dorset. Despite horrendous
weather conditions and stiff competition
among the thirty schools taking part,
the children excelled themselves and
finished a respectable 3rd and 9th in the
U13 category.
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