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Boarding Dragons
D R A G O N S T O D A Y . S U M M E R 2 0 1 3
Sporting Life
One of the Pre-Prep’s
favourite opportunities to
visit the Dragon at Bardwell
Road is their traditional Sports
Day. A feat of organisation, every
child takes part in a running race
before competing in a circus
of activities. Earning
points for their groups,
the pupils throw, jump and hop
with concentration and gusto.
A thrilling occasion for parents
and children alike, sports day
this summer was once again
a memorable day and an
unchanging slice of
childhood fun.
Main image:
Little Red
Riding Hood
Left top to
Dick Whittington,
Reception Nativity play,
and Fleeced
Year 3 Joiners
Most children join the Dragon Pre-Prep, Lynams, in Reception.
There are however further opportunities to start at the school
and, for some, Year 3 entry can be ideal. A number of children,
equivalent to a whole extra class, enter at Year 3 so pupils starting
at this age will not be the only ‘new’ children. Pupils go on to the
Dragon at Bardwell Road in Year 4 so the preceding year is an
excellent opportunity to acclimatise to ‘Dragon Life’ in the smaller
world of Lynams and to cement friendships.
If you would like to consider a Year 3 start for your child, the
Admissions Office would be pleased to help with further
information on 01865 315405 or
Love Where You Live
As part of their Eco Week topic in June, Year 1 went walking to
explore their local area. They studied the immediate environment,
counted activities on nearby playing fields and considered why
caring for places is important. Having carefully followed the canal
path and made their way back along the Woodstock Road, they
used their experiences to make a ‘Love Where You Live’ game of
Snakes and Ladders.
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