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The effect boarding
has had on family life
Boarding Dragons
The advantages of
boarding at the Dragon
Over the past few years we have received pupils from the
following London schools: Bassett House, Cameron House,
City of London School for Girls, Eaton House, Fulham Prep,
Garden House, Hawkesdown House, Merlin School, Newton
Prep, Norland Place, Northcote Lodge, Notting Hill Prep,
Pembridge Hall, Ravenscourt Park and Thomas’s Schools.
I am going to
Harrow next and
hope it will be similar
to the Dragon, but
bigger. My mother
still asks me whether
I would have liked
us to move to Oxford
and for me and my
brother to become
day children.
My answer is
always NO!
The time we have is far higher
quality. The time is all ours to
be together as a family with
a far greater appreciation of
each other. Time together is
now harmonious time. And
perhaps surprisingly all those
electrical toys are no longer
required to keep the children
entertained. They have come
back with knitting, conkers
and loom bands - they have
re-learnt how to play.
Anna Troup
Of course, one often wonders
if we did the right thing, but
then you speak to friends
who have day children and,
are reminded that actually
the daily routine is not really
quality time. It’s shouting at
recalcitrant dressers, looking
for lost books, rushing to the
car to get to school and then
at the end of the day tired
children who don’t want to
do their prep. Learning to
do the prep themselves is
invaluable and will stand our
boarders in good stead at
their next schools.
Mark and Eleanor Gibson
Family life does of course
change. Weekends become
more precious as they are
quality time free from any
schoolwork or the “publicly
denied” tutor sessions. Our
girls also enjoy having their
brother back and somehow
we think their relationship has
improved as they appreciate
each other’s company more.
It has been 3 months now and
apart from the odd moments
of homesickness he is loving
the independence and
freedom he is given.
Emma and Hans Enssle
I did miss my parents but
boarding life at the Dragon is
hectic and fun.
When I’m at home there are
fewer things to do, but now
that I’m boarding these things
seem more special.
Don’t worry if you feel
homesick at first because you
soon settle in and it’s great fun.
If you have a brother or sister
with whom you argue a lot
at home, I think you will find
boarding improves your
relationship. My sister and I
squabble all the time, and yet at
school, we don’t see each other
as much, so when we happen
to cross paths we smile and
say hi. When we get home on
the weekends we don’t feel the
need to pick fights and argue
over little things.
The Dragon has a real skill,
that I have witnessed over
14 years and 4 children
in the school, to bring the
best out of them whether it
be in academics or sports.
Children’s achievements are
valued across a much wider
spectrum of activities rather
than just academics or drama.
The children (and parents!)
tend to compete less with
each other in the same way
that you experience in London.
Nicolas and Yumi Smith
His days have been filled
with activities, music lessons,
sports sessions, house
tournaments, with something
on offer every waking hour.
Ipads, internet games and
endless television sessions
are a thing of the past and we
enjoy seeing him engaging in
all sorts of new activities.
Emma and Hans Enssle
In our experience, Dragon
boarders build stronger
friendships that are more likely
to endure beyond their time at
the Dragon, as they spend a
great deal of time together.
Julian and Rachel Graves
I would recommend boarding
if you like being out of the city.
It makes when you come home
more special and when
you are boarding you have
really fun activities and you see
your friends all the time.
Being a boarder has given me
so much more time to try out
so many of all the activities that
go on after ‘normal school time’
things I may not have been
able to do if I stayed in London.
Everything is right on the
doorstep like the playing fields,
the swimming pool, all of the
classrooms. Being with my
friends all the time means
that we build closer and
stronger friendships.
It’s so much fun – like a sleepover
every night. You’re always with
your friends, you get to know
people a lot better and get really
close to your friends. You have
more independence and it’s very,
very hard to be lonely!
The weekend trips are really fun
and the Saturday night movie!
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