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Dragons are animated to think
analytically and independently,
they are inquisitive and
outspoken – boys and girls
equally. A culture of creative
and critical thinking permeates
though all subjects. Yet there is
no sense of entitlement, but a
humble and grounded attitude
and concern for others, the less
privileged. Within the framework
of the national curriculum,
learning at the Dragon is a joy, a
source of confidence for life, and
an exploration into the world.
Henrik and Joana Schliemann
As parents we wanted Sam to
have an all-round education.
Being in London we found the
schooling was often rather
one-dimensional in terms of its
academic focus. We believe the
Dragon has provided Sam with
all the opportunities to develop
in a more relaxed atmosphere
and this in turn has given him
a more rewarding schooling
Paul and Mari Holloway
We have huge confidence in
the Dragon’s ability to prepare
our children for later life, as
recently demonstrated by the
confident (almost nonchalant)
way in which Theo helped lead
the Sunday chapel service with
his Nicholson’s housemates.
Andy and Davina Rich
I s s u e N O . 9
Boarding Dragons
Time for sport
Why some London families choose boarding in Oxford
Although this can’t be said for all London Day Schools,
some have a reputation as ‘hothouses’ where children
are pressured into achieving excellent academic results
at the cost of missing out on the simple childhood joy
of playing with their friends. Here at the Dragon we
achieve outstanding academic results, but also strive
to develop and support the whole person. Having
The academic
I prefer this
to being a day child.
It gives me a sense
of responsibility.
I can still see my
parents often.
your child leave the comforts of home and familiar
surroundings can seem daunting to parents. However, the
benefits of leaving London Day Schools for the vast green
spaces of the Dragon will soon put those fears to bed.
We asked Dragon parents and pupils why they chose to
leave the Big Smoke for leafy North Oxford and how it
compared to their experience of school in the capital.
At my old school you were
walked to lessons and the
teachers kept all your books.
It’s surprisingly gratifying not
to be treated like a five-year-old.
When I was preparing for
my exams, being a boarder
was very helpful because I
didn’t have to spend any time
travelling to and from school, so
I could be quickly either doing
my prep and revising or doing a
much more fun club or activity
with no time wasted.
In a boarding community, there
is a sense of being at home at
school (if that makes sense).
In other words, you feel much
more relaxed and comfortable
in the classroom, because you
feel like it is a part of your home.
The Dragon has so much
more breadth and depth of
sport than any London day
school can offer, as well as
the number of pupils that
makes even minor sports
above critical mass so a
proper match can be run,
and the time to devote to it.
Hugo and Jules Kirby
Alfie is a very keen sportsman
and the opportunities
afforded him at the Dragon
have been outstanding and,
with the best will in the
world, not something you
could ever find in a London
prep school. The in-school
sport on its own would have
been enough to keep him
happy but all the matches
he’s played in, meeting other
teams, bumping into old
friends in opposition have all
contributed to his enjoyment.
Jeremy and Amanda Fisher
It goes without saying that
sport is nigh on impossible at
London schools - and more
than this, the evenings spent
out on the field in nice weather
are such a joy for the children.
Added to this, they develop
a true sense of community
and have an ability to care for
each other that I don’t see in
day children unless they come
from families of many siblings!
Mark and Eleanor Gibson
It would have been
impossible for me to have
done my sports in London
to the same standard that
I have achieved at the
In my old school we had
one Astroturf and one
gym, where all sports were
played. At the Dragon there
is a gym, two Astros and a
huge playing field with posts
– and I am on them almost
every day. The Dragon also
boasts a swimming pool, a
boat house, a river, five ICT
suites, a lecture theatre and
a garden!
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