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The Big Give
The Big Give Philanthropy in Schools
Project was piloted at the Dragon in 2009.
Through this, over 130 pupils have had the
opportunity to learn about philanthropy and
how to give intelligently; since then a further
50 schools have taken up the programme.
This year the Dragon was delighted to
welcome back Sabina Wojtowicz from
The Big Give, and Pam Volak and Susan
Burton from the Dragon Sale Committee,
to listen to post-exam pupils make their
charity presentations. Each pupil had
already received £60 to donate to the
charity of their choice, in return for research
completed for The Big Give website. £1275
remained in the pot. Delivering a convincing
pitch on behalf of a good cause is
something every philanthropist must learn.
Six different charities were championed
with commendable conviction. Poppy
Webb and Isolde Taylor secured £400
for the Micro Loan Foundation; Isobel
Ponsford and Ostap Stefak won £300 for
Lilly Uganda; Tom Van Oss and George
Wauchope claimed £200 for Frozen Ark;
and £125 was awarded to Flora Frankopan
and Jake Adams for IDE UK, Rose
Rooney and Henry Portwood for Concern
Universal and Katrina Frankopan, Jacob
Hands and Alec Howatson for Build Africa.
Congratulations and well done to everyone
who took part in The Big Give 2014.
Did you know that there are
tribes in the rainforest who
have never seen an aeroplane?
And that the tribes use
annatto, little red berries, for
face paints; and fish scales
for nail files? E Block learned
all this and more during the
Rainforest Roadshow in May.
The show was fascinating and
has inspired E Block to find
out more about this term’s
Geography topic.
In May, 13 boys and 22 girls
swam in the National IAPS
Swimming finals in Crawley.
The Dragons swam well and
won a record-breaking six
medals in the following events:
U12 Boys Medley Relay (Gold)
and Freestyle Relay (Silver), U12
Boys 25m Butterfly (Silver), U11
Girls Medley Relay (Silver) and
Freestyle Relay (Bronze), and U13
Girls Freestyle Relay (Bronze).
With the age group points
added up, the U12 Boys were
crowned U12 National IAPS Age
Group champions - the first boys’
team in Dragon history to achieve
this feat. The U11-U13 girls all
finished in the top seven in their
age groups and the Dragon
team were placed third highest
co-educational Prep school in
the country. This was the
Dragon’s highest ever finish in
the IAPS event.
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