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Dragons News
Planting for Bees
The Middle School Green Dragons planted
up the Bee Garden, ensuring that the
Dragon Bees had enough food to keep them
healthy and strong. The children were led
by Beekeepers Sam and Marcin, along with
Peter the Head Gardener. Peter provided
the children with lots of information: the
appropriate plants bees need in order to
survive, how to choose plants that flower at
different stages of the year, and the necessity
of eating for bees throughout the year
(except during Mid-Winter, when they stay
inside their hive). Peter also advised careful
consideration when choosing plants – plants
which have been cultivated are not attractive
to bees, and these can be recognised if their
Latin name ends in ‘Cultivar’. Sam gave a
science lesson, explaining how to identify
the family of a plant by looking at its genus
and species: the genus is the wider family,
while the species refers to the specific plant’s
family. The Green Dragons planted geranium
rozanna, a plum tree and digitalis (foxgloves)
and very much enjoyed their activities in the
Bee Garden.
In the Summer Term, Dragonetti
Strings visited Marlborough
College to take part in their
Strings Workshop Day. The
children had the opportunity
to rehearse with students from
Marlborough College and develop
their ensemble skills by working
at an extremely high level. The
Dragons rose to the challenge
well and performed several pieces
with energy and enthusiasm.
Dragon Regatta
The Dragon Regatta took place at
the Boathouse in glorious sunshine.
There were 40 races in which non-
squad pupils across the school from
A-E Blocks had the chance to duel
with their peers under the watchful
eyes of the sculling coaches and
a significant crowd of parents who
chased their offspring up and down
the bank as they raced in their
first competitive event. It was a
challenging afternoon amongst the
punts and canoes who also tried
to claim their spot on the Cherwell
but the Regatta held its ground and
all the races took place. After tea
and the finals some 20 Gold and
Silver medals were awarded for the
sculling and 11 medals for the Ergo
competitions including two new
categories the Under 6s and the
Over 70s.
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