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Little Dragons – Dragon Pre-Prep
D r A G O N s T O D A Y . s u m m e r 2 0 1 4
Castle Day
In June, Year 2 spent the day under
siege in a medieval castle. In the
morning the children rotated around
task stations in the ‘castle’, and in
the afternoon they hosted a grand
banquet. Throughout the meal
entertainment was provided and the
children relished the opportunity to
perform as jesters, singers, dancers,
actors and even jousters. The
entire day was an educational and
rewarding experience.
Oh I do like to
be beside the
Year 1 children were transported
back in time when they took part in a
workshop all about seaside holidays
in the past. They spent the morning
looking at different artefacts and
producing typical seaside souvenirs to
be sold in the afternoon. The Lynams
gym was transformed into a seaside
Eight finalists embarked on a journey
to earn a place in the Year 3 Balloon
Debate. The children argued hard,
using persuasive language to gain
votes and answering difficult questions
from an inquisitive audience. When
the results were in, it proved a close
competition. In the end, the eclectic
mix of Homer Simpson, Mr Oxygen,
Dr Who and Albert Einstein all won
places in the balloon.
A group of Year 3 campers set off
to Wales to begin their adventure at
Naturesbase. The children took part
in farm activities including feeding the
lambs, chickens and pigs. The days
were filled with fun and action-packed
team challenges around the farm.
Promoting a sustainable lifestyle, the
town and the children were able to
spend their 12 old pennies at a variety
of stalls including hook a duck, roll a
penny and bagatelle. A great day was
had by all.
children were encouraged to reduce,
reuse and recycle.The trip was rounded
off with songs around the campfire.
around 20 visiting staff and over 100
individual instrument lessons in addition
to class lessons and ensembles, it weaves
its way through the curriculum, whether
linking plays with topics being studied as
in Year 1’s Katie’s Picture Show or singing
WW2 songs to grandparents after our
Blitzed topic. Music feeds the soul by
giving children confidence; standing to
play a solo in a packed hall in assembly,
or sing a solo in a play is a huge boost,
especially for the child who finds other
aspects of school life more tricky. It also
teaches children determination and
perseverance as everyone does need to
practise and it isn’t always easy. Music
can also be aspirational; our programme
of mini-concerts by children from the
senior years at the school demonstrated
just what can be achieved with hard work
and careful guidance. We start the school
year with a hymn in assembly on the
first day of term and Year 3 finish their
time at Lynams leaving the final assembly
singing ‘Go Out With Joy’ at the top of
their voices.
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